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5 Romantic Destinations For Honeymoon Travel In The World


5 Romantic Destinations For Honeymoon Travel In The World- Travel Advice Tips

If you're still wondering where to escape after the bustle of the wedding, where you can enjoy the company of your husband or what is the right place for your honeymoon, here we show five romantic destinations for all types of couples.

Today we show five romantic destinations to travel on your honeymoon. All with different possibilities for all types of couples. They cover a wide range of landscapes, activities, styles and climatic temperatures insurance'll love. Look what the best option for you and your partner. Before anything, remember to follow these 10 tips for planning the honeymoon.

London, England - The capital of England, London, is an ultra romantic place for a simple reason: the weather. There is no better excuse to spend the day cuddled the rainy London. Imagine how nice it will be to travel Piccadilly Circus sharing an umbrella; know Big Ben, ride the famous Ferris wheel London Eye or visit the Tate Modern Art Museum. London is definitely one of the most romantic places to travel on your honeymoon.

A honeymoon in London, a perfect destination to enjoy cultural, art and modernity.

European destinations are lovely for a honeymoon, a good test is the fantastic luxury destination in London, where it blends seamlessly with contemporary life and cultural artistic touches every street. The spirit of London is perfect for the couple who want to spend long hours surrounded by history and tranquility.

If the couple honeymoon made ​​in this location, you can visit the famous Big Ben clock or watch Parliament. Another point for other charmers London Piccadilly Circus is a perfect place for souvenir shopping and other original products to the new home of the newlyweds. If the couple is looking for a cultural trip can hire the service of classic red trucks to take them to all the key points of the city as the Tower of London to meet some of the Queen's jewels, modern art gallery Tate Modern, San Pedro cathedral etc.

Also if they will spend several days in London can take tours to nearby places such as:

Coach trips to Scotland and Wales.
They can also take a day tour to the ruins of Stonehenge.
There are tours to Warwick Castle.
In one day you can visit the University of Oxford and Stanford

Phang Nga, Thailand - Who has not dreamed of getting lost on a desert island? Who has not dreamed of a beach vacation in paradise? Who would not love to have a honeymoon that meets these characteristics? The province of Phang Nga in southern Thailand collects all those fantasies and becomes reality.

The province of Phang Nga consists of several islands, known worldwide for its scenery and natural beauty. The most famous is the so-called James Bond Island, then appeared in the 1974 film "The Man with the Golden Gun" with Roger Moore. History, good weather and become curious tourist spots in the province of Phang Nga super romantic destination for travel and fun honeymoon.

If the budget is limited does not matter, remember that you can win an unforgettable trip to Tahiti Zankyou courtesy! Now there is no excuse not to go on honeymoon to the beach.

Paris, France - Paris is the city of love. No corner of the city that does not stand out for their beauty. Miles of streets, cafés and the Seine River in everyday urban disrupting make Paris an experience. Take pictures at the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre, walk down the Champs Elysees and of course do not forget to sweeten the evening sharing a plate of pancakes, no more romantic way to spend your honeymoon. A tip, do not visit in summer, as there will be too many tourists choose to travel better season and incidentally save money on airfare!

New York, E.U.A. - Inspiring, multicultural and totally romantic, so will your honeymoon if you and your husband decide to travel to New York. Look at all you can see in New York for your honeymoon, there are thousands options. Many travel agencies offer attractive packages that include hotel and plane, so it is not such a big sacrifice nor eat much of your wedding budget. If you decide to come back to New York your honeymoon with many stories, anecdotes and surely with a new outlook on life and of this city is extraordinary.

Florence, Italy - Florence is an ancient city, full of history, architecture from different eras, tasty food and, best of all, exquisite atmosphere to enjoy with friends. The recommendation is to visit the Holy Trinity Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe, the Palazzo Vecchio completed in 1322 and still in use as the town hall, the Accademia Gallery in Florence, where the original David exhibits of Piazza Michelangelo and the Republic, one of the most important city.

Can you imagine knowing any of these five romantic destinations for honeymoon travel? What is your favorite?

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Italian Dishes - What To Eat In Italy?

Italian Dishes - What To Eat In Italy?

Restaurant in Rome - The Italian tradition of the appetizers is a fad that is spreading worldwide. Among the most prominent snacks the most famous is the Spritz, a blend of light spirits that come to make a fresh drink, attractive and tasty. Buy vermouth Italian is the first step in preparing this appetizer.

Italian Pizza  - Make a good pizza dough is simple. It is a bread dough lightly elastic enriched virgin olive oil and baked at high temperature.

Ingredients and preparation - 200 gr. warm water, 300 gr. flour (better if bread flour), ½ teaspoon salt, 20 gr. fresh yeast (baker) 15 gr. extra virgin olive oil, semolina (optional).

Make a volcano with the flour, salt, oil and water gradually dissolved yeast and go kneading until an elastic dough.

Very elastic so that it is necessary to proceed to the refined mass. To refine the mass crushes and twists, turning and shaping elongated on the table. Connect the ends and knead with fists to merge together. Repeat the process of kneading and stretching for 5-10 minutes.

Ferment in warm place 40 minutes

Rigatoni alla Carbonara – 

Ingredients -  200 g rigatoni, 1 small onion, 50 gr of bacon, 2 eggs, 30g grated parmesan, white wine, milk - Salt and freshly ground pepper

Preparation -  Fry the onion cut very thin then add the bacon and brown them a bit with the onion. We put a glass of dry white wine and let evaporate.

In a bowl to hand will beat the eggs with a little milk along with the Parmesan, salt and pepper.
Cook the pasta al dente, drain it well and add the fried onions and bacon we prepared earlier.
We will put the frying pan and incorporate the egg mixture, stir until it is cooked but still tender.
Serve immediately accompanied by a little ground black pepper to taste.

Authentic Italian pasta: Spaghetti Carbonara - The "spaghetti alla carbonara" are a creation of the Italian culinary relatively recent, but have quickly conquered kitchens throughout Italy, and many more countries worldwide. About its origin there are several legends.

The recipe for "Carbonara" has been adapted to current tastes of modern people, and black pepper is given more sparingly.

With all these stories everyone can choose the one you like, they are all true enough in the background, and perhaps the origin of this verdarero tasty pasta is in all of them together.

This dish is one of my favorites because it is tasty, nutritious and quick to prepare. However, it is a delicacy that requires perfect execution, and adequate time optimal ingredients. Also essential is to calculate the correct proportion of all elements of salsa, since contrary, be lumpy or too liquid, spoiling the final result.
The traditional recipe recommends that for every conmensal, put the sauce in a yolk and egg white half.

Originally this dish also had no cream, so is considered an optional ingredient. Personally prepared in the two different ways, sometimes with cream or without, and to tell the truth, I would not know which of the two I like best.

Garlic, golden in the oil before adding the bacon, is another modern contribution, so also is optional. If it bothers your particular aroma, add advise: the taste of the pasta is enhanced nicely.

Spaghetti Carbonara  - 

Ingredients for 4 people - 400 g of spaghetti, 150 g smoked bacon (or bacon), 4 or 5 tablespoons olive oil, 60 g of curing pecorino or Parmesan (or half and half), a few tablespoons of heavy cream (optional)
4 egg yolks and 2 egg whites very fresh, salt and freshly ground black pepper, a clove of garlic (optional)

In a skillet heat olive oil and fry the bacon (or bacon) cut into small cubes, along with whole garlic clove, skinned (optional). When the bacon is clear out the garlic, turn off heat and set aside.

In a large bowl, lightly beat the egg yolks and egg whites, add the grated cheese, a few tablespoons of heavy cream until it forms a sauce not too thick, season to taste, stir well and set aside.

Boil the spaghetti al dente, drain, pour into the bowl where the egg sauce and mix quickly so the heat of the pasta condense eggs just, without forming lumps. Finally add fried bacon, stir well and serve immediately.
Served over spaghetti with grated cheese and ground black pepper to hand, so each diner complete the dish to your taste.

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Low Cost Holiday Deals 2013: Crete


Low Cost Holiday Deals 2013: Crete

When you want to escape to a little area of Grecian heaven, Crete holiday deals could be just the ticket to make your holiday dreams a reality.

Discount holiday websites now collate the best prices on packages from trusted tour operators to make sure you don't pay more than you need to for your summer escape. These low cost holiday deals make visiting destinations such as Crete a possibility for anyone on a budget.

South of all other Greek Islands, Crete has a superb summer climate. Hot weather is almost guaranteed each day from June to September, with high temperatures hitting well over 30 degrees C.

This excellent climate also makes Crete a top spot in the sun for parents with preschoolers or couples who are hoping to give the peak period a miss. The weather in May and late September is also pleasing, and warm enough to make skipping the bustle of the school holidays worthwhile.

Depending on your preferred holiday style, Crete has a resort to suit all tastes. From laid back, quintessentially quaint port towns (such as Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos) to vibrant settings (such as Malia and Hersonissos) Crete welcomes all types of travellers.

The key to keeping costs low is to book your break in advance. Not only will this give you the widest choice of holiday packages, it will also make your holiday price valid for any early bird discounts. Cutting out the middle man and booking online will also ensure your are eligible for web exclusive offers.

Choosing a late afternoon or evening flight can also knock a substantial amount off the cost of your holiday. Most travellers prefer to getaway first thing, so being flexible can really pay off.

The best low cost holidays deals for 2013 are available now online. For the best Crete holiday deals book today through a discounted holiday website.

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Cruises Holiday - Cheap Honeymoon Destinations - Travel Tips

Cruises Honeymoon Packages Tips - Honeymoon Destinations Tips 

Enjoy a trip on a cruise ship is no longer applicable for only rich people. Crusise operating today offer routes throughout the world at prices extremely affordable and suitable for every budget.

It is a very comfortable way to travel, and Most of the cruise vacation packages offer are labeled "All Inclusive" means that, we can eat at any of the many restaurants tend to have the ships, take what you want in bars, and enjoy all the activities held without charge.

On a cruise is never boring, ships today no longer have only dance halls and clubs ... they have places to enjoy all kinds of sports: climbing, swimming, tennis, ice skating ... equipped with new technologies and to celebrate some video game championships among its passengers, being equipped with the latest models of consoles. There are all kinds of seminars and workshops, ranging from photography to cooking classes and wine tasting ...

The glamour of old cruise is not lost, are still enjoying the luxurious lounges and dinner dances and orchestra, but the liners of today have incorporated everything you need for younger passengers feel comfortable in this environment .

Depending on the cruise that we make, our budget and so some of us even offer personal service of a butler. And all this luxury while we're on our way to our destination.

Escalations in ports vary depending on the route contracted, but usually propose guided tours if you prefer not to get to know us cities alone.

The whole trip is attention to detail. So much so that they do see it as a cruise an exceptional way to enjoy your vacation and repeat.

Moreover, thanks to advances in engineering every time we find larger vessels with more areas to enjoy genuine floating cities focused on entertainment.

Cruises are no longer just a means to cross the ocean ... with liners, we now have the opportunity to meet and visit European cities through river cruises, tourism is innovative, take the navigability of rivers like the Danube or the Rhine to meet the various cities through which they pass. And not just Europe, one of the most comfortable to visit Egypt is to hire a magnificent cruise on the Nile

Or cruise the Nordic countries, is another fashionable alternatives in recent years. Not forgetting the traditional Mediterranean cruises, more popular, but no, worse.

One of the latest developments are cruises to Antarctica, these vessels are made in preparations for that purpose, the real icebreaker with which you can navigate the icy waters streaked with icebergs and watch the animal fauna of the area.

More and more shipping companies that come to engage in leisure holiday market, which will grow even more possibilities to choose a suitable route to our desires. The cruise routes cover the entire planet, so we could know the world from end to end on board these works of art of engineering, which is an incentive, since it is the best way to travel for those who like the sea and maritime culture.

Theme cruises - Dance - Are you a fan of Salsa, Mambo, Merengue and Samba? This proposal will relax to the rhythm of Latin music. Daily classes taught by teachers, nightly entertainment, contests and more.

Crafts - The ship MSC Armonia on September 19 and MSC Rhapsody, October 04 will come out with a very broad menu of courses on board craft, crafts and hobbies to bring out all the creativity and artistic flair. Painting on porcelain, or watercolors on silk are some of the proposals.

Single - There are different types of theme cruises but how to stop putting on the blog one of the most representative and fun out there. The singles cruise will offer you a unique experience where you can enjoy with boys and girls of different nationalities the pleasure of being single, this cruise will present various options for community living with the international single from sharing cabin (room) with the opposite sex or share it with some new friend to come.

Cruise DreamWorks - Another option for the Caribbean cruise for children is to Dreamworks, whose appeal lies in being able to see 3D movies in the popular producer besides being able to live with the characters

Family - If you are looking for a cruise to the Caribbean specializing in families there are several options that have different workshops and activities; definitely full of fun and healthy family environment.

Fitness - Within the fitness cruise you can enjoy different programs focused on fitness, as well as beautiful

Disney Cruise - It is one of the cruises to the Caribbean's most successful children, Disney cruises have several attractions and shows.

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Cancun - Cancun, a city of international fame, is a luxury tourist destination, characterized by possessing a natural beauty, for its environment, provides an exciting seascape transparent green waters and gentle coconut. Nichupte Lagoon closed by a former branch of coral emerging plays with proximity fascinating jungle views invigorate the spirit. It is one of the National Parks in the State of Quintana Roo, most visited. Resorts of bold architecture, modern and functional equipped with various quality services for travelers, water sports galore and all the fun you want.
Bathed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, tourism in Cancun is continuing, offering a unique natural environment. The Cancun beach are ideal for all kinds of activities and water sports, snorkeling, fishing, diving and boating in Cancun, as well as the opportunity to practice wave runner (surfing with the momentum of the wind in a parachute) among others.
The most popular beaches are Pearls, Lobster, Linda, and Gaviota Azul Chacmool. The soft sand in them contrasts with the blue-green hue of the warm water that bathes them. A few meters deep coral formations grow marking the entrance to a fantastic underwater world where you can snorkel to discover the incredible sea life of the Caribbean Sea.
From Cancun you can visit important archaeological sites such as the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, Tulum, Xel Ha, Xcaret, if you choose to discover more of the Mexican Caribbean, you can find places to share the beauty of Cancun such as Isla Mujeres and Cozumel .
Ecotourism in Cancun also takes its prominent place as close to the destination is Xcaret Ecological Reserve, a unique natural environment, ideal for activities related to this theme tourism.
In addition to all the attractions enjoy the amenities offered by hotels in Cancun. Most hotels are in a vast area of over 30 km long, where you will find everything from villas and five star hotels to exclusive resorts and spas, modern shopping centers and more than 500 restaurants in Cancun, which offers the best of national and international cuisine; This site provides a comprehensive guide to restaurants in Cancun as well as numerous bars and discos where the party continues late into the night.
Night Life in Cancun - Nightlife in Cancun is exquisite in flavor, color and clear varieties, The Party Hopper rows do not to enter the clubs, in fact you have VIP access
The journey does not end here, once you've had the experience nightlife in Cancun is advisable to take a catamaran tour as soon as the hangover from the previous day's clubs allows.
Dolphin Island - Discovery Island is located just 40 minutes by boat from Playa Linda, Cancun Hotel Zone -. The Dolphinarium is an area of 10.000 m2 of sea, surrounded by palm trees, white sand and turquoise water extension lost in the horizon. A place that seems to have gone from a dream, to make your experience of swimming with dolphins in Cancun is as perfect as you dreamed.
Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres has been specially designed to care for the dolphins and for your amusement, you can relax in comfortable lounge chairs, savoring delicious food and drinks cool, miss you a dip in the pool while listening to the waves or just watch on the impressive fountains spring on the water along with our playful dolphins. No matter your tastes or preferences, this place has something for all the wonderful programs in addition to swimming with dolphins, also have the opportunity to discover unique experiences and programs to interact with sharks and stingrays.
Having enjoyed your programs, and if you have an adventurous spirit and inquisitive, you have the option to get out and explore the island on your own. You will be amazed all the activities that have at your fingertips and the beautiful landscapes that seem to outweigh the pictures of the postcards.
One of the great attractions of Isla Mujeres is the Garrafon Park, an area devoted to ecology and the vastness of nature. Enjoy this tropical treasure that Mexico boasts proudly through various water activities like snorkeling and kayaking, all quiet moments and the best food while watching the best views of the Caribbean Sea. Isla Mujeres is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday, come and enjoy!.
Do not miss your swim with dolphins, manatees and stingrays in Cancun!

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5 Best Honeymoon Destinations - Honeymoon Travel Advice

Best Europe honeymoon destinations - Honeymoon Tips - Travel Advice

While her friends go on honeymoon to common destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean, why not make your honeymoon a memorable experience? There are many places to go, who can provide the special Honeymoon - When a couple decides to marry, the first and logical stop and think what is in the place of the ceremony and subsequent celebration. But for people like me, these things matter little or rather nothing, more important is the honeymoon.

Photograph by Andrew H. Brown,
National Geographic Stock
Norwegian Fjords -  The number 1 on my particular list is a road trip through the Fjords. A 
possible route would be a few days in Oslo to meet the capital to later take the car to go to Bergen, the fjords starting point. Then you should visit Flam Myrdal, Sognefjord or Stavanger. The landscape can be seen in this area are unique in Europe, and only in parts of Canada, Alaska or New Zealand you can see formations of this type.

Lately it is fashionable to do long trips on the grounds that it is a once in a lifetime, but nothing you have to travel thousands of kilometers and pass through three airports to enjoy a honeymoon. I propose my five favorite destination for honeymoon trips. In all cases I take, I refer to them for free, without guides or tour groups:

Image source -
St. Petersburg - Located on the Baltic, St. Petersburg is considered National Heritage by UNESCO. Known as the Venice of the North, a walk through its streets and canals and is in itself an experience. The Hermitage Museum is considered one of the major museums worldwide. It has a charm if you visit in winter, despite the cold. Destination therefore recommended for travelers who flee the heat.

Jordan - Jordan is a destination for adventurers. Personally, I consider Jordan as one of the countries to visit once in life. Besides the capital Amman, Petra is well worth a visit, and if possible at dawn, when lights are projected onto the monastery and gives a touch orange. What elsewhere is possible to swim in the Dead Sea? Highly recommended, although avoiding the summer months.

Image Source -
Route 66 - For lovers of combining automotive travel and adventure. Although there are sections that no longer exists, it is still possible that once part of the route linking Chicago with Los Angeles. It is possible to travel in a Ford Mustang. I recommend a minimum of 15 days to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of landscapes.

Vienna and Salzburg - Consider Austria as one of the most romantic countries in Europe. Perhaps the combination of Vienna and Salzburg is one of the great classics, but never gets old. Personally, and while they may do so at any time of year, I highly recommend do in the months of November and December, when both cities already have the typical Christmas markets, truly wonderful in and of themselves. The distances in Austria are not long, so 10 days would be enough for the two cities, but can be extended and visit Innsbruck, especially if you like skiing.

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Best Luxury Romantic Castle Hotel In Europe - Travel Advice Hotel Tips

Most Luxurious, Beautiful and Romantic Castle Hotels - Best Luxury Romantic Castle Hotel In Europe -Travel Advice Hotel Tips

The castles of Europe are certainly within the major attractions of the old continent. Did you know that some of them also function as hotels? Imagine a romantic stay in a striking castle that also offers all the amenities a dream!

Here are some of the best castles hotels in Europe-

Amberley Castle, England - To experience a film, this authentic English castle with a moat around and stately rooms is ideal.

It is located in the town of Arundel in West Sussex and has Norman style. The 4-star hotel offers all the comforts expected .

Ashford Castle, Ireland - This luxurious five-star hotel is a favorite of many celebrities even for weddings. Surrounded by 142 hectares where you can do different activities such as falconry and traditional hunting of birds, enjoy the excellent service hotel kitchen ..

Schönburg Castle, Germany - One of the most idyllic and beautiful castles in Germany, with wonderful views of the river Rhine. The rooms are decorated to stay historical reasons, including a chapel and a tower prison ..

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland - This luxurious castle hotel near Edinburgh city is surrounded by a fort dating to the thirteenth century and scenic woodlands along the banks of the River Esk, and maintains in its decoration many features of the original castle ..

Chateau De Codignat, France - This beautiful castle and XV century fortress in the volcanic region of Auvergne is surrounded by ancient forests and rivers, with a look of genuine fairy tale castle with its towers, corridors and colorful rooms with armor ..

Ruthin Castle, Wales - In the town of Ruthin find this castle dating from 1277, which has its own history and that he knew belonged to the kings Edward I, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Surrounded by private gardens to the banks of the River Clwyd, this particular castle hotel offers stylish medieval theme parties for fans of that era ..

Castello Orsini, Italy - This castle located on the heights of the Sabina countryside, overlooking the Tiber valley and the green mountains of Lucretii is only a few kilometers north of Rome. Works like a 5 star spa hotel while maintaining its air of ancient castle with stone walls and period furniture ..

Glengarry Castle Hotel, Scotland - This castle is located on the shores of Loch Oich in the Highlands of Scotland, in a very romantic and beautiful, making it an ideal place for a honeymoon ..

Clontard Castle, Ireland - Just 3 kilometers from the city of Dublin, this castle was recycled to make it a splendid boutique hotel with modern interiors living with turrets and tapestries in a unique effect of the encounter between past and present ..

Le Chateau Fort Sedan, France - Le Chateau, the largest medieval castle in Europe, was turned into a contemporary hotel unforgettable. Located in Sedan, in the region of Champagne-Ardenne, offers beautiful stone rooms decorated in earth .. A curious fact?

This is one of the few castle-hotels in Europe where you get wi-fi signal throughout the building. Ideal for those working to maintain communications while in Europe without giving a sense of royalty and splendour!.
All Image Sources on this blog - thetraveldepot.blogspot

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Caribbean Guide - Caribbean wild Vocation Destinations

Caribbean Guide - Caribbean wild Vocation Destinations - Places or Islands to visit in Caribbean

There many nice places or islands to visit during your Caribbean holiday, in this blog listed few of those places visited by most people.

(image -
Santa Marta - Scenarios idyllic islands surrounded by clear waters and mountains that flow into the sea. Main destinations: Santa Marta and Tayrona, the Islas del Rosario and San Andres

Santa Marta and Tayrona - Santa Marta, located between Sierra Nevada and the coast of the Caribbean Sea, is famous for its beautiful beaches and for its extensive range. Unlike other Caribbean destinations, this part of Colombia has a particular geography that brings together in one place beaches, forests, rivers and mountains. In addition, Santa Marta is considered the oldest city in South America and preserved in the historical center a cool Caribbean atmosphere and a warm climate with quite roads that always lead us into the sea. Near the center is the tourist area of El Rodadero, which is where most buildings up.

But the best beaches in the region are not in the same city but about twenty minutes in the Tayrona National Reserve, covering acres of forest landscapes and mountains that descend from the Sierra Nevada, forming bays, coves and over 20 beaches down to the crystal clear Caribbean waters.

(Image -
Cartagena and the islands of the rosary - Cartagena is a city that looks to the Caribbean and is immersed in a large wall with forts and towers. The historic, one of the best preserved in Latin America, and its streets with colorful balconies that lead us scenarios straight out of the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez with their Caribbean paradise islands make Cartagena one of the most complete of Colombia .

The best thing to do in Cartagena is getting caught up in the streets. At every corner we find a surprise. Each step appears to us a postcard.

The wall is the boundary that separates us from the sea and miles of this city resguardaron bastions of pirate attacks.

Cartagena also has its charm away from the legendary streets: the Rosario Islands. For nearly an hour by boat leaving from the pier you will find the Caribbean Pegasos in all its glory in the 27 islands that make up the National Natural Park Corales del Rosario.

(image -
White sand beaches, clear waters and huge palm trees to relax away from everything. The main Big Island where you can observe internal lagoons, rainforests and lush vegetation surrounded by the sea.

This landscape of turquoise waters also hidden under a great show. In the islands offer diving trips by expert guides. The approximate cost of this activity is U.S. $ 100.

If you want to stay more than a day you can stay in one of the hotels on the islands, if you prefer to spend only the day, remember that these lodgings have restaurants.

San Andres Island - The island of San Andres is one of the favorite destinations of Peruvians not only for the honeymoon as well for the holidays and that's because it offers in one place relax beside a sea of seven colors and white sand in a remote place located over 770 kilometers northwest of Colombia.

(Image -
The best offering this island is definitely the natural environment and the perfect way to enjoy it in its white sand beaches ideal for sunbathing burst into drinking a cocoloco (drink made by the natives, made with vodka and fruit water) , but there are other activities for those who like to move as hiking, fishing and diving lessons. Also in most hotels have pools and slides.

Do not miss the trip to Johnny Cay Island and the Aquarium, where you can closely observe the variety of fish and marine life of this natural reserve. You can choose to dive into the entrance of the aquarium.
Transit through the city also has its charm. A local alternative is to take a goat which is a colorful bus with no windows.

The tour includes a stop at the resorts, which operate mostly with an all-inclusive, the Museum Islander, which displays pieces of the nineteenth century.

Remember that St. Andrew is duty-free port, so shopping is also a good choice.

Do not miss the trip to the Blow Hole, a seaside geyser allowing ingress of water by an underground tunnel and casts strong wind through the hole in the surface.

San Andres is the island's tourist area. It comes in a two-hour commercial flight from the capital, Bogota.

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